Zellstoff Pöls AG – New J² salvage-winder PM2

  • Two-drum-winder for narrow-cut rolls (max. 19 cuts / min. 70 mm)
  • Winding of multipacks
  • Time-optimized ramp-down of the machine to eliminate defects (holes)
  • Compact design
  • One-person operation
  • Good operability due to ergonomic design
  • Connection to trim handling system of the customer
  • New Jagenberg Paper control system
  • Assembly supervision and commissioning by Jagenberg Paper

B&B PAPIRNICA VEVCE PROIZVODNJA d.o.o. – Modernization of Goebel Optislit

  • Modernization of drive and control technology
  • New visualization for improved operation
  • Automatic knife positioning
  • Integration of the drive control into the machine control system for optimized maintenance & control
  • Assembly supervision and commissioning by Jagenberg Paper
  • Future support by Jagenberg Paper for technical issues and winding technology

Papierfabrik Adolf Jass Schwarza GmbH: Modernization of control system VariFlex

  • Powerful and future-oriented new control system
  • Existing Jagmatic process visualization (HMI) was exchanged for WinCC
  • New OS and ES were implemented as virtual machines
  • Interface to the higher-level production system
  • Supply of spare parts
  • Assembly, commissioning and production support

Perlen Papier AG: Segmented rider roll for Arcus winder

  • Rebuild of the rider roll to a three-segmented system
  • Stiff design with coupled segments
  • Minimization of vibrations
  • Short rebuild period with adapter plates on existing crossbeam
  • Supply of spare parts
  • Assembly and production support

SAPPI Gratkorn: New machine control sheeter 27

  • Replacement of technology-computer, control system, visualization
  • New switchboard for main drives
  • Integration of functionalities of the technology-computer (counting and dragging, drive control of the directly driven cross cutter, sheet separating car, locks and switch control)  into the machine control system
  • New edge control system
  • Optimization of positioning for slitters and unwind-unit
  • Assembly supervision and commissioning

Sappi Maastricht B.V.: Control Upgrade of sheeter 22

  • New control and operation System (in SIEMENS S7) for base machine and unwind
  • Control interfaces to auxiliary PLC’s
  • New pneumatic valve stations with Profinet connection
  • Modern angle encoders with Profinet connection
  • Hardware and software engineering
  • Assembly and commissioning
  • Delivery of spare parts

DS Smith Aschaffenburg: Modification RSM 1 VariStep

  • Modification of unwind area for bigger unwind diameters
  • New rider roll incl. guides
  • New brake-generator
  • New hot glue system
  • New control system / HMI
  • Modification TrimVac system for wider edge trim at high speeds
  • Safety upgrade
  • Optimizations for higher machine speeds and shorter acceleration and braking ramps
  • Assembly and commissioning

Kanzan: Rebuild of station 2 into a force-controlled Rewinding

  • Delivery of a new rider roll unit
  • Rebuild of the existing hydraulic system
  • Implementation of new functions into winder control system
  • Disassembly / Assembly
  • Commissioning & production support

Sappi Lanaken: Disassembly of a "Kleinewefers" Supercalender and extension of a reel handling

  • Dismantling of a Supercalender, incl. aggregates, flying splice, as well as un- and rewind
  • Rebuild and extension of the parent and empty reel handling
  • New control and operation System (in SIEMENS PCS7)
  • Hardware and software engineering
  • Assembly and Commissioning of the new reel handling

Mondi Steti PM3_6: Optimization Arcus winder

  • New back drum
  • Adjustment and optimization of trim separation
  • Additional air shower for rider roll
  • Update of machine software
  • Full assembly
  • Start-up and optimization

DS Smith Belisce: Renewal of steel support for unwinder and technological support on a VariDur

  • On-site measurement service
  • Replacement of broken cast iron frame by a new welded steel design
  • Supervision of Installation
  • Technological start up support

Mondi Steti PM7: Optimization Arcus Evo winder

  • New control interface for unwind station and winder
  • Integration of new unwind drive in current control logic
  • New safety functions
  • Delivery of two new spreader rolls for winding of smooth grades
  • Full assembly
  • Start-up and optimization

Perlen Papier AG: Overhauling pneumatic RSM72

  • Total slitter station
  • All rewind stations
  • Gluing device
  • Rider rolls
  • Complete assembly
  • Start-up

Heinzelpaper Laakirchen: Relocation of super calender

  • Disassembly
  • Modification of unwind and rewind
  • Enlargement of platform
  • Modification change nip
  • Assembly and start-up
  • Reduction of web width
  • Modification pulper
  • Safety concept

KANZAN Spezialpapiere GmbH

  • Upgrade and integration of machine and drive controls
  • New drive and machine control technology at winder 2
  • Renewal of control technology at transport system and trim strip removal incl. container press
  • Touch-Panels for operation
  • Implementation of technology functionality and integration of drive control systems into PLC
  • Entire hard- and software engineering
  • E-installation and commissioning

Sappi Alfeld: Modernization sheeter

  • Combination of new S7 400 controls and hardware interfaces in one software project
  • New operating philosophy via PC with touchscreen
  • Replacement of DC controllers by modern Sinamics DC-Masters
  • New servo-motor for suction slide valve
  • Spare parts availability and technical support
  • Assembly and commissioing

Modernization foil winder

  • Refurbishment of foil winder with regards to mechanical components and new requirement of higher production speed
  • Replacement of several guide rolls, cooling- and pull rolls (incl. alignment)
  • Modernization of drive system
  • In-house FAT with sister company Jagenberg Lebbing

Sappi Austria Produktions- GmbH & Co. KG, Gratkorn

  • Replacement of technology-computer, control system and visualization
  • New switchboard for main drives
  • Modernization of edge control system
  • Optimization of slitter positioning and unwind positioning
  • Assembly supervision and commissioning

Rebuild of Ejector of VariDur winder, Lahnpaper GmbH

  • Adaption of roll ejector to kick out finished rolls with a diameter of 200mm
  • New control of winder drum brakes
  • Complete assembly
  • Start-up

Rebuild layboy simplex sheeter, Lahnpaper GmbH

  • Enlargement of format length from 1.550 to 2.000mm
  • Bigger lifting table with safety equipment
  • New walkway and platform
  • Damped side joggers and stop plate
  • Cross adjustable air jet to push the stacked sheets
  • Assembly and start-up

Rebuild of a Lenox winder (Jade-Pack, D)

  • Delivery of a new rider roll
  • Dis-assembly of winder
  • Electronic control of rider roll
  • Mechanical retrofit
  • Modernization of hydraulics
  • Installation and commissioning

Mitsubishi HiTec Paper, Bielefeld

  • New Siemens S 7 control
  • Replacement of old technology electronic module with a new developed technology module
  • Integration of drive control into the machine-SPS: resulting in reduced assembly groups and easier error detection
  • Reduced time for format changes by installation of a positioning detection system for the slitting station

Papierfabrik Niederauer Mühle GmbH, Kreuzau EN

  • Improvement of performance due to safe, fast and repeatable set change
  • Implementation of automatic core loading and automatic web cutting
  • Optimization of drive
  • Realization of optimizations in the existing control system
  • Safety technique of those functions is state of the art

Optimization VariDur winder (ERFURT & SOHN KG, Germany)

  • Reduced roll set change times due to automatic web clamp
  • Integration of new functions into existing control system
  • Minimization of vibrations due to bending resistant rider roll beam, incl. connection to existing guides
  • Easier set change due to new core guides

Modernization of drive and control system of a coating line, Moritz J. Weig GmbH & Co. KG

  • Modernization of drive and machine control system
  • Delivery of state of the art drive technology; change DC to AC-technique
  • Refurbishment of control system and implementation of operation via touch-panels
  • Complete hard- and software engineering
  • New operating manual
  • Installation and commissioning
  • Realization of complete safety technology; Assessment acc. „Betriebssicherheitsverordnung“: Situation before modernization, check of interfaces, realization of all steps including assessment after retrofit

Modernization of 2 offline calenders, SAPPI Gratkorn

  • Delivery and installation of 4 new platforms
  • Optimization of roll changes
  • Increase of safety during roll changing and during production

Modernization VariDur winder SAPPI Alfeld (GER)

  • Improvement of performance due to safe, fast and repeatable set change
  • Implementation of automatic core loading and automatic web cutting
  • Optimization of drive
  • Realization of optimizations in the existing control system
  • Safety technique of those functions is state of the art


Conversions of Siemens S5 into current S7 technology

  • Delivery of custom made drive and control solutions, designed by our engineerins at our location in Bocholt
  • Replacement of the "black box" control systems with for example SIEMENS standard components, to enable your specialists to do machine services on their own later and secures spare parts availability for the upcoming years.

Rebuild at UPM-Papier GmbH in Plattling

  • Retrofit of top roll bearings at supercalenders of PM11
  • New design, delivery and installation of bearings
  • Significant increase of work safety during roll changes
  • Significant reduction of roll change times

Retrofit winder VARI STEP Mitsubishi, Bielefeld – GER

  • Retrofit of the winder
  • New S7 control system and new user interface
  • New knife positioning

We are especially proud to have the following companies on our reference list, which finally highlights our "Success Story"...