Frictiomat - Friction coefficient measurement

Jagenberg Paper offers you a friction coefficient measurement using our own Frictiomat.

Why is a friction coefficient measurement from paper to paper useful?

  • Measuring the coefficient of friction is helpful if the winding behavior of the winder suddenly changes. Here, it can be quickly diagnosed whether the effects come from the product or are machine-related.
  • In terms of quality assurance and product documentation, Jagenberg Paper recommends measuring the friction coefficients of the production papers at regular intervals or after process changes.
  • By regularly checking the paper/paper friction coefficient, Jagenberg Paper can provide its customers with the best possible advice and support in the event of winding problems.
  • The coefficient of friction between the layers of a paper grade is important for the correct technological design of a winder and also for an optimal rebuild recommendation.

Why is the paper to roll surface coefficient of friction measurement useful?

  • The coefficient of friction between paper and roll surface can play a major role in winding technology problems. For example, wear of the cover, grade change, a different raw material mix or changes in the winding parameters (running data) can be the cause of winding problems. With the aid of measurement, the interaction between paper and covering can be examined in detail.
  • By determining the coefficient of friction, it is possible to calculate the torque that can be introduced into the winder by the carrier roll 2.
  • The coefficient of friction between paper and roll cover is very helpful for the correct technological design of a winder and also for an optimum rebuild recommendation.

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