Software Engineering

An outdated performance electronic system and missing spare parts increase the likelihood of the system’s main components failing. Regulation and control inaccuracies mean additional quality and productivity losses. Through a modernisation or partial modernisation of the drive system, even old roll cutting machines can be brought up to the state of modern systems and gain significantly in terms of reliability, productivity, quality and safety.

We offer tailor-made retrofit solutions for AC and DC switchgear:

  • Replacement of the drive control system while retaining the old power electronics
  • Integration of the drive control system into the machine PLC
  • Conversion of the power electronics into the existing control cabinets
  • Complete replacement of the drive switchgear and motors

Through the ability to implement the drive control or drive control system in the machine control system, customers receive a continuous automation system, based on a joint engineering platform. Due to the reduction of hardware and interfaces, the reliability of the system is also increased. Furthermore, the digitisation and modernisation of the drive control system offers a drive specifically optimised for the product as well as an improved and therefore faster error analysis using modern trending systems.

In addition to the modernisation of the drive switchgear, a productivity increase can often also be achieved in the same conversion step through the optimal utilisation of the drive. When replacing the power electronics from inverter or converter devices, we primarily rely on the modern and proven technology from leading manufacturers, such as Siemens or ABB.

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